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Field Trips

Come for the Day!!!

Whether your group is small or large the Museum is a great spot to come for the day.

The Children’s Museum features over 20 hands-on, permanent exhibits that appeal to a broad range of ages and abilities. Every installation is designed to teach children about themselves and the world around them while they’re having fun. What a great way to reward children for a great school year. All year long groups make the Museum a destination visit.  Picnic tables are available upstairs for lunch, and outside in Heritage State Park.

To book your trip and get special pricing email jcolon@childrensmuseumholyoke.org

What are teachers saying about us?

Greetings –
I wanted to be sure to communicate to everyone involved in planning the E.N. White Kinder field trip to the Holyoke Children’s Museum knew what a spectacular time I had as a parent chaperon. Upon entering the museum, I was given a group of 6 children and a station paper. I have been to the museum as a field-trip chaperon before and never had an agenda to follow. The station idea was great ! The process of rotating stations every 10 – 12 minutes ensured each child played in every part of the museum. In addition, I couldn't help but notice the visitors of the museum benefited from this as well, as they were not overwhelmed with 55 children in one area. Also, being separated into small groups made the learning aspect of the field trip more focused and fun. The staff was quite friendly and visible throughout the entire time we were there. I found their presence and friendly faces quite refreshing. I knew if I had a question, concern or just needed help they would be available.

Four of the six children in my group told me they never have visited the Children’s Museum before! All six children had a smile on from ear-to-ear throughout the entire afternoon. I could not decide if the children had the most fun pretending to be ambulance drivers helping people who were involved in an emergency, making thunder during dramatic play in the theater, drawing pictures of themselves in the art room or using their senses by slowly crawling through the “dark” tunnel. During snack time, I asked the children what their favorite part of the trip was and every one cheered “EVERYTHING!”

Today, many happy memories were created, positive relationships were built and every child had a hands-on learning experience. I am a very proud and pleased parent –