444 Dwight Street, Holyoke, MA 01040

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We're proud to have earned our Kulture City certification, which means we take great care to provide sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities. Our facility includes a cozy nursing area, changing stations, and handicap-accessible restrooms, as well as parking with wheelchair access and an elevator to help you enter our building with ease.

KultureCity Certification

KultureCity is the nation's leading nonprofit on sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities. Through KultureCity, our facility has been certified as a ‘Sensory Inclusive Venue,’ meaning our staff has completed comprehensive sensory inclusivity training, and our museum can offer certain accommodations. These accommodations include providing a designated ‘Quiet Zone’ (our Mini Sensory Room) and free sensory kits for patrons to use while in the museum, which are available for check-out at the front desk.

These packs include: 

  • Fidget Toys                 
  • A Basic Communication Board
  • Headphones
  • Optional Identification Lanyard

Mini Sensory Room/Nursing Area

CMH is proud to offer our brand new Mini Sensory Room! 

This designated quiet space is full of fun and functional sensory tools, toys, and books. It is available to all patrons regardless of age or ability. The Mini Sensory Room is an 8ft x 10ft small room with two doors. The doors do not have accessible push buttons but are relatively light and outfitted with door levers on the inside and outside - staff are happy to help open and close doors when needed. 

The Floor is flat carpeted like the rest of the museum, and all furniture items are against the wall for ease of those in wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

The fluorescent overhead light is covered with a purple-toned light cover and may be turned on and off. Three alternative light sources are provided that patrons may adjust to their liking.

Communication symbols with both English and Spanish labels are placed throughout the room for those who benefit from ‘point and choose’ and AAC boards.

Our designated quiet zone is designed to double as a private nursing space with a comfy rocking chair and complimentary bottle warmer.

Please inquire with front desk staff for use of the space.

Changing Stations

Each of our three facility bathrooms has a single changing table. This includes the Family Bathroom inside the museum as well as both the men's and Women's bathrooms in our Lobby Hallway.

Handicap-Accessible Restrooms

Each of our three restrooms have either an accessible stall with a handrail along the side, or are a single large bathroom. has either an accessible stall with a handrail along the side or

Parking/Wheelchair Access

The Children’s Museum is located at 444 Dwight Street in Holyoke, MA, just down the hill past City Hall and adjacent to Heritage State Park and the upper canal.

Parking is available for free in the Merry Go Round open lot on Appleton St., a minute's walk to the museum through the park on paved sidewalks. 

Metered parking is available on the streets surrounding the Museum - there are two crosswalks near the museum on Dwight Street that then lead into the paved sections of Heritage State Park.

Two parking garages are available, the Suffolk Street Municipal Parking Garage on the corner of Suffolk Street and Heritage Street. The Ernest Proulx Municipal Parking Facility is between Dwight Street and Front Street.

The Front Entrance has a large concrete ramp leading to the door - the elevator is then directly inside to the left.

Use the ParkMobile app to pay for meters and parking garages with ease. There is no fee on weekends and holidays.

Elevator Location

We have one elevator on site situated by our front entrance leading directly to our lobby.